What is the best place to go on a solo trip in India?

If you want to plan a solo trip in India, there are innumerable such places which are perfectly suitable for a solo trip. Here is a list of some such places which can give you excellent pleasure on a solo trip in India.

Solo trip to India

Taj Mahal, Agra

If you happen to plan a trip to India, you simply cannot miss exploring the eternal love memorial, Taj Mahal. Located in a small city of Agra, Taj Mahal can simply take your breath away. Agra is just around 4 hours driving distance from Delhi, the capital of India.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal was built in the memory of the beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It took a whopping 20 years to build and according to the legends, the construction workers who built the memorial got their hands dissected so that they lose their ability to construct something as similar as the Taj Mahal ever again.

Keeping aside such an interesting story, it is a different feeling to watch the Taj Mahal in front of the eyes. It is truly a magnificent structure built with white marble. The sheer magnificence of the memorial will make you dumbstruck for some time.

Also a suggested tour will be Jaipur Agra tour package for 4 days as here one can also visit the heritage sites of Pink city Jaipur along with the beauty of Taj Mahal.

Star gazing at Himachal Pradesh

There can be only a handful of such experience which is as enthralling as the star gazing. There is so much to see and discover from the universe that stares at us from outer space with a shining light. One such wonderful place from where you can go star gazing is the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti Valley being a deserted mountain valley, it is the ideal place for such hobbies like star gazing.



Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan is a must visit for any solo traveler. It is the gateway to the Great Indian Desert and can provide you with a sneak peek at the wonderful and vibrant desert life of Rajasthan. Go for a camel ride through the desert and you will cherish the experience forever in your life.

As this is our 2nd destination which we have suggested in this post then I will also suggest you to check out Chetram Voyages, a tour operator from Jaipur who are rated as one of the best locak firm offering Rajasthan tour packages at good price.

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If you are an adventurous person and have the regular flow of adrenaline, you should visit Triund. Triund is actually considered as the crown jewel of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, located on the laps of the Dhauladhar Mountains. The ambiance of the place is serene and peaceful. You will love just being there.


Khajuraho is a world heritage site crowned by UNESCO.  There are more than 85 temples that are still standing tall at the Khajuraho. All the temples are also the finest examples of temple art that is available in the world today. There are some must visit temples in Khajuraho like Kandariya Mahadev temple, the Laxmana Temple etc that are excellent examples of temple art. It is also worth mentioning that all these temples were built in the time of 954 AD and took more than 20 years to build.

There are several other places that are worth exploring on a solo trip to India. You need to visit and explore to find the magic of this beautiful country.

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5 luxurious desert camps in Jaisalmer

Have you been to Jaisalmer yet? If not, you are missing a great experience in life. Why don’t you plan a Jaisalmer trip this winter to explore the wonderful desert of India? Here are some desert camps where you can stay while in Jaisalmer.

The Serai


The Serai is not only a luxurious desert camp but it is also a spa. Imagine having a relaxing body spa in the midst of the desert. Now that is what an experience should be which is worth cherishing all your life. If you want to inspire yourself and enjoy the best time of your life, you should simply make it a point to visit The Serai in Jaisalmer. If money is not a constraint for you, stay at The Serai overnight and enjoy the luxurious life like the royals. Go for a desert safari in the mornings on a camel back or on a jeep and enjoy the starlit evenings with some folk songs performed by the Manganiyar tribesmen.

Rajputana Desert Camp


If you are looking for a comfortable night out in the middle of the desert, you should head straight to the Rajputana desert camps in Jaisalmer. Enjoy royal attention by the serving faculty while you spend the night at one of the thirty luxurious tents in the camp that also include a huge dining hall that is common to all the tents in the premises. There is also a dedicated desert safari team that will take you on a ride through the desert. By far Rajputana Desert Camp is a highly rated comfortable resort at Jaisalmer desert.

Royal Desert Camp

The royal desert camp has been operational since the last ten years. The premise has swiss tents that can provide you with traditional and conventional Indian royal environment. You can avail all the facilities in the camp like the world class amenities and also superb medical facilities all inside the premises of the desert camp. If you enjoy a tranquil holiday where your inner soul meets your real self in the solitude of the desert, Rajputana camp is where you should be.

Winds Desert Camp

The Winds desert camps in Jaisalmer Sam sand dunes offer 20 tents that are available with ac and non ac facilities. Each of the campsites are designed and customized with the latest and the most modern amenities that you might need in a desert. Enjoy your stay at one of the most stylish tents with modern looks that comes with conventional furniture and interiors. When you stay put at the Winds camp, you can opt for a car safari through the desert, or you can also choose to ride on the camel back. Once the day gets over after the sunset, you can enjoy the traditional Rajasthani Kalbelia dance and music in the evening.

Oasis Desert Camp

Oasis desert camp is one of the luxurious campsites in Jaisalmer. Enjoy the charms of the Great Indian Desert while enjoying the luxuries of the oasis camp. You can enjoy the adventure of the silk route of the desert and also relax in the most traditional Indian hospitality. Enjoy sumptuous Rajasthani food while you go for the awesome camel safari. Spend a relaxing evening next to the bonfire while conventional kalbelia music keeps you company.


Planning to visit Delhi? Then check out this small triangle guide of Delhi for smart travelers

This guest post is brought to you by Akshat from GTC Hotel in South Delhi. Hotel GTC & Lounge is a popular hotel in greater Kailash part 2 and the team here loves to travel and blog too. So today they are sharing a Triangle Guide on Delhi for smart travelers.

Smart Traveler

Smart Traveler

So what does Triangle Guide means? Well as per me there are 3 most important aspects for a traveler journey. First is accommodation, second is attractions to see and 3rd to learn or understand the culture of the city.

So in this post at arownd.net which is my favorite travel blog, I want to divide Delhi in 3 parts and would love to share a view of the city by a local.

Believe me, this triangle guide will be the best and especially for those who are doing some research before traveling to New Delhi.

The Old City of New Delhi

Well New Delhi is the name given by British India but still one must visit the Old Delhi. Old Delhi consists of:-

  • Chandhni Chowk
  • Red Fort
  • Jama Masjid
  • Fatehpuri Masjid
  • Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib

And all of these are the jewels of the city which will assist you in understand the culture of the city.

The new version of New Delhi

Well the new version of this city is at South Delhi. Southern part of Delhi is rated as posh area, big shopping malls, luxury hotels and most important my hotel (Hotel GTC) is also in South Delhi.

Plus there are some amazing heritage attractions too. So if you are here then you must visit:-

  • Lotus Temple
  • Qutub Minar
  • Saket Select City Mall
  • Indian Habitat Centre
  • Lodhi Garden

And lot more shopping destinations. So if you are those solo luxury travelers, then south Delhi is best for you.

The Lutyen Zone

Let us assume that you have landed at Delhi airport with your eyes closed and then I make you stand in Lutyen Zone and after this when you will open your eyes, your 1st impression will be… where is Delhi?

Well Lutyen Zone is a large part of capital which is only confined to central government of India. But this is the most, Greenest Part of the city.I once tried to get an office here, but its not open for private firms. Now here you can pay a visit to:-

  • India Gate
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Connaught Place

As per me, a local, living in Lutyen Zone is impossible but not visiting it will be a foolish mistake.

So with this our triangle tour of Delhi is finished. If you have any questions then just write them in the comment box below. I would love to reply them.


Tourist places in Delhi near Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh in Delhi is a place that delights the shopaholics from different parts of the country and the world. You can find anything and everything in Karol Bagh starting from the cotton yarn, embroidered garments and the readymade clothing. Here is a list of places that you can visit near Karol Bagh in Delhi:

Old Delhi

Old Delhi

Karol Bagh is near to the Old Delhi monuments and if you want to visit Delhi, you can plan a day trip, in and around Karol Bagh and explore the various monuments like Jama Masjid, Fatehpuri Masjid, Red Fort, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Khari Baoli and Chandni Chowk.

Gaffar Market

The Ghaffar Market is named after a Pashtun political and religious leader. The market is located near Karol Bagh and is also popularly known as the Gray Market where you can get several different China made goods and electronic items. There are more than 500 shops within the narrow lanes and by lanes of the market. Although there are several such shopkeepers who sell fake items in their shop, you will never get the goods at such cheap rates other than here in Ghaffar Market.

Plus if you are in Gaffar market then you are most welcome to stay in Pitrashish Premium which is the Best Budget Hotel in New Delhi. Special discount if you use this coupon code. AROWND.


If you travel to Delhi via train, as soon as you step out of the station, you will step into Paharganj. It is a shopper’s paradise, especially if you can bargain to your heart’s content for knickknacks.  Whether it is the shoes or the books, the jewelries or bags, incense or handicrafts, you will get each and everything in the markets of Paharganj.

Connaught Place & India Gate

India Gate

The Connaught Place market is shaped like a horse shoe and is one of its kinds in India. The market is divided into two circles. While the inner circle has the blocks named A to F, it houses all the international brands of products and items. The outer circle has blocks G to P and also has national as well as international brands of items and products.

India Gate is just a mile away from the Connaught place

The pride of New Delhi, the India gate is actually a war memorial that was built in the memory of all those Indian Soldiers that laid their lives to save the country in the World War I. The India Gate is 42 meters high and is located at the end of the Rajpath. It is also a very popular relaxing destination especially during the evenings of the summers. During the winter, India Gate converts into a very popular picnic spot in Delhi.

Delhi University

DU is one of the premier universities in India. It is known for its high standard of research and teaching. The university has two campuses, the north and the south one. The north campus has 84 departments and 16 faculties. There are three colleges under the control of DU, St Stephen’s College, Ramjas College and the Hindu College. The south campus offers courses in Arts and Social Sciences. Both the campuses are vast and worth visiting.


A Guide on wedding shopping in Delhi by Abijit Bose

Wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. It is an event where a couple pledges to embark on a new journey and promise to be there for each other for the entire lifetime. Hence, a couple would want to celebrate this event in the best possible way so as to remember it for the lifetime. What place could be better than Delhi when it comes to weddings?

A perfect wedding requires some aspects to be fulfilled like great location, sumptuous food, royal hospitality and extensive and best wedding shopping. Delhi is one place that aces in all these prospects.

It has got one of the best hotels in our country that can cater to all the wedding needs like guest rooms and banquets for events. One thing that sets this city apart from any other city is the extensive wedding collection that one can shop here both for bride and groom.

So if you are soon to tie the knot in this city, here is the list of all the must visit places for your wedding shopping. Have a look:-

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk

Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, a three centuries old market, is one of the most densely populated and widely known markets. It is a market rich in cultural heritage and has an array of shops selling ethnic wear.

Chandni Chowk is very famous for bridal lehengas, so if you are looking for buying a lehenga, this is a perfect place to shop from. It is one market where you can find bridal wear that will suit all types of budgets. It has contemporary collection as well as designer collection.

Also, they are familiar with the current trend and keep on updating their collection regularly. It is very necessary to know the right place where you could shop or else it might be possible that you are left out confused. It is not possible for everyone to have a local companion to help out. So one could visit below mentioned shops to have a look at a good wedding collection:

Om Prakash Jawahar Lal, Asiana Couture, Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam and Sudhir Bhai Saree Wala etc

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh is considered as one of the oldest markets in the country. It consists of air-conditioned shops, labeled shops and unbranded shops, etc. It has an ancient appeal to it, so as soon as you enter the market, you would be enchanted by the traditional ambiance of the place.

Karol Bagh is also a famous destination for travel agents as they prefer to Book Pitrashish hotel at karol bagh Delhi  specially for those who are looking for wedding. So do choose Pitrashish Hotels as wedding accommodation in Delhi.

One can find extensive wedding collection at shops like Frontier Bazaar, Meena Bazaar and Bombay Selections etc. Apart from clothing, Karol Bagh also has Delhi’s finest jewelry shops like Bholasons Jewelers, Bimal Jewelers and Khanna Jewelers to name a few. Apart from bridal wear, there are lots of retailers in Karol Bagh who specializes in ethnic wear for men. They have readymade collection as well as they provide an option of handmade to order ethnic wear. They even provide assistance in designing the wedding dress for brides as well as grooms.




Wedding is a very important day for a bride and she wants to be a show stopper on this day. If you are on the lookout for your perfect wedding dress that will surely have lots of gaze on you then Hauz Khas Village is the perfect spot for you. This area is very famous for its extensive collection of designer lehengas and Indian wear. A word of caution: be ready to splurge as the boutiques located here are very expensive as they have collections of best designers that the city has to offer. They have a good kind of collection which you would not find anywhere else. The must visit stores include:- Rewaz, Ole Couture, Aumbre and Ogaan etc




Connaught Place, often abbreviated as CP, is one of the largest retail and commercial centres in Delhi. It was previously the headquarters of Britishers in India. It is circular in nature with an inner circle name Rajiv Chowk and outer circle named Indira Chowk. This place has lots of retail shops which specialize in bridal wear as well as ethnic wear for grooms. One can also find both branded as well as designer stores in CP. Some of the famous stores are: Kapoor Sons, Bindals, Dot Exports, Mrignayani, Greenways, Nalli and Fabindia.


This is also one of the most well renowned markets of Delhi. It has lots of retailers as well as wholesalers for sarees, lehenga and bridal wears. You will find extensive collection of wedding wears that will suit all types of requirements. No matter whatever your selection is, one can always find something that will suit their purpose. Most importantly, there is a wide range of ethnic wear that will suit the needs of bride’s friends as well as family. So whether you want an extremely heavy worked lehenga for the bride or a designer saree for her mother, all your requirements would be fulfilled here. Some of the famous retailers are: Mehar by Shrimati Saree, Chabra 555, Kapoor Saree Palace and Kala Zone.

Shopping Malls


Situated in Delhi, Select City Walk is one of the most happening malls when it comes to foot falls as well as the brands. It has a wide range of clothing that would fulfill your purpose. A bride can do a lot of shopping here that will fulfill all her needs. It has a lot of beauty and skincare stores, lingerie store and ethnic wear store- basically a one stop shop for a bride to be. Some of the most famous stores include: Kalpana, L’affaire, Fabindia, La Senza, Mac, Inglot and Estee Lauder, etc

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls


Ambience Mall can be considered as one of the greatest malls not just in Delhi/NCR, but also in India. It is located in Gurgaon nearby the commercial and business district. The mall covers all the facets of a bride in true sense. There are not down market shops here and so unmatched quality is a guarantee here. Some of the famous bridal wear stores are: Biba, Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul and Panna Sarees.

So, keep reading the article and stay tuned to us!


Perfect ways of planning an Indian wedding

Indian weddings are the most perfect and very entertaining events that make a meaning as compared to other weddings from other cultures. There are perfect ways on how to plan an Indian wedding and make it more colorful, enthralling and captivating. This is a perfect approach that seeks to offer everyone a better life.

> Book a Wedding Resort

Wedding Resort India

It becomes much easier to book a wedding resort for Indian weddings and see your great day become more meaningful through enjoying perfect chances to select the very best of venue that have one of the most important and classy designs and romantic avenues. There are better weddings resorts that can be used to conduct an Indian wedding and they are normally well equipped with perfect catering services from a resort team, a high number of quality rooms or guests and great wedding resorts that have amazing views. A great number of top quality resorts are those deep inside remote areas.Wedding Resorts in Jaipur are treated as best as popular names like Gold Palace, Le Meridien etc have their presence near Jaipur. But if these big brands don’t fit in your budget then you can book many good 3 star hotels in Jaipur city.

> Online Wedding Shopping

Online Wedding Shopping

The current world enjoys a lot of perfect benefits when it comes to online shopping and utilizing the internet to research, reading more and understanding perfect ways of planning an Indian wedding. Early shopping is much important since you will get a chance to do purchase and go through different varieties of decorations, makeup and classy gifts. There are better collections of wedding clothes that fits all the people who will be guests and those who will take part in the wedding. The clothes come in different designs, shapes and made of quality makes to suit all. There are also small gifts that will make the day more meaningful and perfect one. Amazon offers the best wedding products such as shoes, makeup, chains, artificial nails, colognes, body decorations and great watches.

> Get healthy for wedding with Yoga

Yoga Resorts

It’s important to know the perfect ways on how to plan an Indian wedding. This helps in coming up with a perfect wedding which will remain as nostalgic evidence to all the attendants and invites. It is also important to stay calm and start yoga as you long to walk down the aile. Yoga helps in making you remain younger as you enjoy the perfect fitness exercises. These fitness exercises are more important as they normally help in clearing the mind and helping you avoid stress and manage your health in a perfect way. There are top quality better yoga resorts where you can go learn and acquire better skills on how to maintain your health and live a better life.

And most important, enjoy your life.


List of Bengali Wedding Venues by Sanjit Samal

The city of Kolkata welcomes you to witness charming Bengali weddings at some of the most prominent Bengali wedding venues in the city. From elite weddings to budget ceremonies, these fashionable yet elegant venues serve the best for a dazzling Bengali wedding celebration.